Since the mid 1970's, Anthony Forma has collaborated as Director of Photography with many documentary filmmakers and artists. Before moving to Budapest, Hungary in 1989, Forma had been the DP for the Indie filmmaker Ross Spears on his feature documentaries, The Electric Valley, Long Shadows and Agee (Academy Award Nominee Best Documentary). He has shot stories for many news magazine shows, including Nightline, Primetime, 20/20, Bill Moyers Journal, Now and Nova.

Working as a cameraman/journalist while living in Europe for nearly five years, Forma covered stories from the wars in the Balkans to the opium trade in central Asia, from the economic transformations in Eastern Europe to the war against the Kurds in Northern Iraq. He returned to long form documentary work for Frontline with Hot Politics and Haiti: Democracy Undone for the NY Times. Last year, Forma was principal DP for two feature documentaries due out at the end of 2009, Dirty Business: Clean Coal and Rediscovering Alexander Hamilton.